happy birthday, ashley!

what can i say about ashley that hasnt been said before? shes fun and happy and nice to everyone and loves to talk on the phone all day, all night.

she loves magazines and clips the articles out and organizes them and sells them on eBay and ships them with great care and joy.

ashley loves Tinkerbell and daisies and pink and butterflies and glitter. and me?

she is an Ask-The-Expert on all questions Brady Bunch, she's moderates the largest bulletin board on Drew Barrymore, and she is obsessed with Jennifer Jason Leigh and No Doubt.

ashley is the type of vegetarian that doesnt even like pizzas that had meat anywhere on it. if you say, hey, i just got a half-veggie, half sausage pizza she will sigh loudly, smile and toast a couple of pop tarts.

ashley can down a dozen diet cokes in a day.

ashley likes bread sticks and sweet tarts, twice cooked potatoes and grilled cheese sandwiches.

shes the oldest daughter of three, the oldest granddaughter in the whole family, a fan of Francesca Lia Block and mazzy star and incubus. shes a blessing to every one of us.