my astrologist advised me to think about things back when things were good and i thought about one of the first partners that i ever had at the bureau, a korean fellow named noah who used to do asian porn in australia.

he asked politely for me to not ask him about his previous profession but some of the nights get long and you cant help yourself.

turns out noah has the pecker the size of a billygoat and was never ashamed to show the kids at school. one day a talent scout happened to be picking up his daughter when he saw young noah presenting for the older kids.

he was signed to a contract and when he turned the legal age he entered the world of adult films and was instantly regarded as a natural.

unfortunately the company worked him so much that within a few years he was utterly disgusted with sex and women and worst of all, his heavenly blessing.

we were staking out some bad guys in this real nice area in san francisco. from where we sat in our car, not only could we see the entire city but also parts of oakland and both bridges.

noah chainsmoked, but in a very subtle way, incredibly classy. watch this guy smoke and it makes you feel stuck up for not smoking.

i dont think we had said a word in about four or five hours, just watching the house, listening to survelliance on the earpieces, and watching the sky lighten to make way for the oncoming dusk.

weird thing about aussie porn, he said.

i turned down my earpiece and turned my attention towards my partner.

way more famous americans got their break there than you know.

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