tony: whats the best part about horses?
lauren: probably jumping. but i love just being around them.. i've always had a thing for horses, ever since i was little.
lauren: i used to jump pillows.
lauren: and pretend i was a horse.
lauren: oh wait that was last year.
tony: do you like to see the horse races? or is that a sad thing?
lauren: horse races are perfectly humane when the horses are treated in a civil manner, which a LOT of times isn't the case.
lauren: so no, i don't really agree with horse races in many instances.
tony: have you ever used a whip on a horse?
lauren: oh yes. indeed. honestly, whips are not that cruel. if you don't discipline your horse as needed, you will end up getting hurt. i had a horse who needed to have the fear of God instilled into him every now and then, and if it wasn't for a whip, he would have taken advantage of me and injured me most likely. whips are fine unless overly used.
tony: thats fascinating. what about the things on your boots
lauren: spurs
tony: ever use those?
lauren: again, they are fine when used properly.. bugsy has hard sides and needs spurs or else he will not function
tony: you just cant tug the rope?
lauren: heh
tony: tap his head or something real gentle?
lauren: no he would look at me like i was dumb.
tony: why do they shoot horses when they break a leg?
lauren: fractures are expensive to fix and they are very painful procedures for a horse to experience. depending on the severity of the break, the vet will weigh the possible outcomes and advise the owner if the horse should undergo surgery or if it would be best for the horse to be shot.
lauren: er.. put down, i believe, is the correct term. hehe