supertsar7 : That's fine, now let's talk about white girls. You're a big fan of Britney Spears. Have you ever dated a white girl like Britney?
aisha won the weakest link, as owillis says, she is indeed the total packageOliverWill : Ha, no I have not
supertsar7 : Any white girls?
OliverWill : No, but that's more happenstance than anything, not a concerted effort
supertsar7 : So you have only dated Black girls?
OliverWill : To date
supertsar7 : Ever kissed any girls other than Black girls?
OliverWill : Nope, I live a sheltered life
supertsar7 : Not really, they all kiss the same.
OliverWill : lol
supertsar7 : Name 5 hot Black women:
OliverWill : aisha tyler. thandie newton. tyra banks. pam oliver. halle berry.
supertsar7 : does pam oliver have any understanding of sports?
OliverWill : i think she knows what she's talking about, at least as well as the other jocks on the sideline who are reporters
supertsar7 : is aisha the funniest Black woman on tv?
supertsar7 : (i think so)
OliverWill : far and away. she's the total package
supertsar7 : who's #2?
OliverWill : wanda sykes was pretty funny on drew carey. Hollywood doesn't seem to like black women comedians who aren't in the Big Mama vein