:, it is do you have a few minutes?
OliverWill : yeah, sure
OliverWill : whats up?
supertsar7 : i just got back from a series of daytime parties
supertsar7 : im a little tipsy
OliverWill : excellent
OliverWill : ha
supertsar7 : anyway, i am wondering if i could interview you for Black History Month?
OliverWill : me?
OliverWill : ha, okay i guess
OliverWill : lol
supertsar7 : are you no longer Black?
OliverWill : last time i checked, but its not like i'm anybody
OliverWill : ha
supertsar7 : of course you are.
OliverWill : ok go ahead

oliver willis
is one of the more visibile
contributers to MetaFilter,
co-creator of the newly launched SportsFilter,
owner of a weiner dog named CK,
and being that both of his parents are from Jamaica,
is a first generation American

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