today is jeanine's birthday. who doesn't fall in love with jeanine when they meet her? i did. can you believe that jeanine used to be so shy that she would cover her face with all of that beautiful hair and she would frown and say negative things, especially if you were a boy falling for her with not-so ideal thoughts.

last year i was approached by child services who claimed that i had fathered a young girl about ten years ago and i said, no no. i said, i was falling in love with jeanine and there were no other girls that i could even think about.

jeanine and i drove up to sacramento ten years ago to collect our college journalism awards, liking each other and 4 days later we were driving back down through san luis obispo on the 101 and i told her that i loved her. i said, "i love you, jeanine." and it wasnt one of those, "aw shucks, i love you, you're so damn cool." it was one of those that makes the other person smile and not say anything and hide behind her beautiful long hair i love yous.

we drove to isla vista and spent the night. in the morning we drove down to mexico. before we made it to the border, jeanine kissed my cheek as i drove and said, "i love you, too, tony." and we have been exchanging those sweet words to this very day.

tonight i will have the pleasure to drink with her with chris and all her friends. im so damn lucky.