Q. So what do you think about all day?
A. I wonder what it's like to be an elevator.
Q. Why's that?
A. I see that little elevator over there and he always seems so happy. It makes me curious.
Q. Do you like music?
A. If what you mean, that crap they play on the radio, no. But I do like music.
Q. What do you mean?
A. This is a busy street. You'll hear little kids singing, people whistling, guys with guitars, even the clumsy bongo players are better than the crap they play on the radio. No wonder it's free.
Q. What about Alicia Keys?
A. Hey, look, I dont know what you do between the time that a person plays it and when it hits the airwaves, but all the people who got in the way and ruined it should be executed.
Q. What else are you passionate about?
A. Everything. You know who won the Grammy for Producer of the Year this year?
Q. T-Bone Burnett.
A. Yeah and you know why? Cuz he gets out of the way.
Q. Just two more questions.
A. Shoot.

interview with an escalator