do you love me?
of course i do.
then why dont you ever say so?
i say so all the time.
but never on your site, you just always say that i lose tournaments.
not really.
yes huh.
im sorry, i love you anna.
now say that on your site tomorrow.
i'll think about it.
you dont really love me.
if you loved me you'd wear the white top that you wore in mexico.
would you shut up about that already?
look, man, im just trying to help you win.
ugH! i have enough people trying to help me win, i dont need this from you of all people.
what do you need from me then?
you know what i need, pooface.
yeah, well i thought you didnt want that from me.
maybe ive changed my mind.
maybe ive changed my mind, then.
yeah, right. im so sure.
not everyone wants to hop on you, anna.
name two.
dennis rodman and venus williams.
name two straight people who dont want me.
lenny kravitz and tony pierce.
yeah, you wish.
no offense, but hot blonde russian chicks are a dime a dozen.
in your dreams.
in fact with the way the rubel is, i think you can get two dozen russian chicks for a dime.
what are you doing awake this late anyway?
just waiting to chat with you.

you really need to get a life.
yeah, tell me about it. all the boys here suck though.
what about your boyfriend Emilio.
his name is Enrique and he's not my boyfriend, thank you.
i'd hope not.
he's sweet, leave him alone.
most guys with a little taquito are sweet, it's all theyve got going for them.
is that why youre sweet?
im not so sweet.
you used to be.
in the beginning. you were real sweet then. funny too.
im not funny any more?
no, you're grumpy and mean a lot.
im sorry, im just trying to blow you off.
it wont work, i'll stalk you.
sonny told me that hot chicks like you only want guys who will either cheat on them....
or who'll blow them off one day.
your friend sonny doesnt know shit.
i beg to differ, he's hardly ever wrong.
so why dont you follow his advice?
cuz you wont let me.
shut up! say something nice to me.
hmmm, lets see.
im waiting!
did you see the Osbourne's last night?
im not answering you until you say something nice to me.
i lurve you.
you do? oh, smooshybutt.
as a friend.

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