one thing i love about karisa, and please dont get me wrong, theres a lot to love about this girl and shes been my super good friend for a while now, but what i like a lot about her is that she knows what she wants and she gets it.

last week she wanted to go to her favorite place, las vegas, with her best girl friends and they hopped in the truck and bum rushed Paris and the dudes gave them a lame room and she marched down to the front desk, and very sweetly but firmly she said, wtf people, our view sucks and we're right by the ice machine and they said, madame, im sorry, and she says my boat runs on gas, not thank yous and they said, pardon?

and she said, a view, give us a room with a view.

and within a few minutes they took her and her pals to their new room, ripped open the curtains and said, voila.