now song three is a mystery to me.
the number three is mighty symbolic in christianity
- among other things
and the third song of this cd is called "keep fishing"
and includes these words of wisdom

"You'll never be
A better kind
If you don't leave
The world behind"

didnt jesus, who taught the fishermen
to be fishermen of men
tell them to put down their nets and leave the world behind?

and isnt this song about a guy talking to someone he loves
who he wants to save?

"Oh girl, when I'm in love with you
Keep fishin' if you feel it's true
There's nothin' much that we can do
To save you from yourself"

me, i think it's a red herring.
i think its just your typical guy telling a chick that the world
might be telling her to go for the blonde surfer guy
and not the horn rimmed nervous glasses guy
and she should stop looking around
cuz he says so
cuz he's fallen for her.
and he's the man.