immediately she was joined by her throng of dancers, and rarely was she ever on stage without them.

were they her crutch? possibly.

they sure could dance. the girls were sexy and the boys were big and black and nearly as flexible as the ladies.

britney, for a girl who has been singing and dancing professionally for most of her life, held her own, but she had an all-star backup group of dancers who made her look good, and showed her up on more than a few occasions.

oh well, the teeny boppers wouldnt notice.

unless it happened on the jumbo tron, which the crowd couldnt get enough of.

this is the only show that ive been to where i saw many many people turn their back on the stage to see what the video screens were telling them to watch.

even though twenty year old britney spears was shaking her moneymaker 10-15 feet away.