now ive been to quite a few rock shows and the thing about
rock n roll, is its performances from people who didnt get groomed
in orlando so they could be on tv for years and years,
they dont get pepsi sponsorships,
barbie dolls fashioned in their likenesses,
rock stars dont get asked to host saturday night live
but rock stars do sing their songs live
and some of them do it while theyre playing instruments
while on drugs and booze and pills and horniness
while trying to do it in synch with their fellow bandmates.

maybe this is an unspoken little nonstory these days
but britney did lip sync her entire concert last night.

maybe she sang the one song at the piano,
sorry the two songs at the piano,
but why did she think she had to pretend like
she was singing all of us those tunes live?

if she sounded out of breath
because she was dancing,
it would sound exactly like her cds
where she tries to sound out of breath
from her heart racing for other reasons.

sing, baby.

sing for us.

even if you suck, people paid $80,
sing your songs and shake your ass.