i had never seen a number one teen pop superstar before, i thought as a hot hits dee jay tried to entertain the crowd with his depressingly bad form of truly rotten comedy.

id seen the stones play, but not in their prime.

i saw the jackson five when i was a kid, my first concert, but does that count?


the kids were restless, the stage was empty of workers, but videos were being shown on the screens trying to entertain us, but the girls had gotten dressed up for a show, not for tv.

but still, the videos continued for a good twenty minutes.

good if you were selling $4 boxes of cracker jacks or $7 shots.

how did i get to the bar, i thought, as i heard the kids chanting for britney. they were sick of the videos.

until the one with n*sync and nelly came on.

then they screamed and danced.

then the lights went down.