tony: you talk some of the modeling world, were you once a model?
sally: unfortunately
tony: do you think thats where you got your appearance/esteem issues?
sally: not at all.
sally: didn't help, though

tony: do you know a lot of people with good self esteem?
sally: hmmm... no.
tony: any?
sally: hmmm, how about that... i think none
tony: good self esteem isnt something that i see a lot of in LA
tony: myself included
sally: really?
tony: the only thing that im confident, for some reason, is girls
tony: which makes no sense at all because i have no car, no money, im losing hair. im laughing even typing it because its so ridiculous
sally: ah, but you're employed!
tony: sorta
sally: i don't believe you. you must have a car.
tony: nope, none
sally: even *i* have a car
tony: you travel the world, of course you have one
tony: so how did you find my site?
sally: ...thinking about that today... maybe through instapundit or...?
tony: you just click the links of his on the left?
tony: randomly?
sally: sometimes always looking for something good to read (blog) which isn't done by a moronic 16 year old