i dont want to do anything special in my life i just want to keep on keeping on. i dont want to rock the mic. i dont want to learn how to make fish tacos.
i dont want to rid myself of karma. i dont want to get another haircut for the rest of my life. theres a lot i dont want to do. and theres a little i do wan to do.
i want to go to a bar one day and drink one drink
out of every bottle they got.
i want to fly a glider.
and i want to bang three porn stars.
in the meantime i wouldnt mind
sleeping in the lincoln bedroom
taking a raft down the mississip
or making out with twins. cant wait.
other day i was asked if
i had any dreams and i said no
sometimes i dream but its really
super rare. and the person
said, no i mean aspirations
and all i could imagine
was butt sweat
and i said what ive
been saying forever.
i want to manage the cubs.

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