she broke into the wine closet, found some smokes on the top of a dresser
and tried to taunt me into a smoke ring contest.
i said great we broke into the place, big deal.
she said, lets make it our clubhouse.
i said, lets make it our secret hideout.
she said lets pretend it's a tree house.
i said lets let all our bitches and hos use it for a ho house.
then she said, we cant use it for any of those things.
and i said, i know, we have to tell the boss about it.
then she said, but we dont have to tell him until monday.
so i said, so should we let the homeless sleep here this weekend?
and she said, fuck that, lets have a rager.
i asked, kegs?
she said, lets be classy. only a few people.
the first people who call us.
i said, ok.
then she walked around to the front.
she saw the pool.
she said, maybe we should have a sexy bikini pool party.
i said, i love you, karisa.
she said, yes, i know you do.
sherman oaks