mike tyson on jimmy kimmel. omg. i havent eaten dinner. its almost 11pm. what am i thinking.
theyre asking mike tyson what he wants and hes saying sex with white girls.
i think i'd like a drug store. ive had sex with white girls.
got off on wilshire vermont tonight. friday night.
smelled the hot dog guy grilling up his bacon wrapped hot dogs.
it's a little cart with aluminum foil on the top and enough room for
id say nine thick dogs, grilled onions, and relish.
i was taking black and white pictures and i decided to buy one
oh good i thought you were the county he told me.
opened my wallet and didnt have any money. shit.
i told the man to keep making that dog.
he put the bun on the foil and it toasted.
i dug around the small pocket of my backpack and found a dollar
and felt lots of change and a bus token.
take bus tokens i asked? he said sure.
and if i was the county i woulda given him a permit right there.