the desert springs marriot's most visually
distinctive feature, i say, are the lit palm trees.
some say its the indoor courtyard or boats that take you to the fine dining,
r the championship golf course, or too many pools, but its the trees i like the best.
i dont know what it is about palm trees that i like so much but they make me happy.
they seem classy, they seem happy, they seem untouchable in a way cuz you cant climb em.
and in palm springs and desert springs and rancho mirage and all over the desert here
they symbolize and represent success, growth, accomplishment, and human conquest.
man over nature. we've come to the desert, we use the sun and wind to our benefit,
and we've come bearing our trees. theyre beautiful and theyre everywhere and at night
theyre as green as the grass is in the daytime. theyre ultra green and towering.
they make the path to the front door loud and clear. they part ways as you get near.
they say welcome. welcome. welcome to the desert springs marriot in palm desert.