pat and jeff invited me over to sit on their porch and as soon as i got in the shower i heard a knock on the door and it was clipper girls cousin and she wanted to join me and i dont know what it is but i dont like to shower with anyone. maybe if i was loaded and i had a big ass shower or holy shit is it really july eighth. where has this year gone? eventually made it over to the house and the windows were open and the doors were open and the car doors were open and the trunk and hood were open and all that was normal looking was the futon on the floor with the rolled up tube socks and an alarm clock flashing 12:00, so i went to the laundrymat but first i took a picture. im addicted to taking pictures and all of my pictures have to have a palm tree in it. if i was at ford theatre and i had a picture of honest abe getting shot i probably would delete it if there wasnt a palm tree in it somewhere. my carpal is acting up and all that means is type faster fucker. theres stories to tell and pictures to share and this is the way you do it. you do it by doing so do it.