does laundry

whats fancy clothes
gonna do for that freak?
i barely can stand the clothes
that im washing and most of those
i got for free or at a thrift store
and she said maybe if you spent a little money
on your self, you know on what you wear,
then ... i said what... she said well
well maybe anna would come back to you.
i said, i dont want anna, shes married!
she said, no i dont think that ever really happened.
didnt you hear? they just said she was married.
it was to throw people off. it was a gag.
i said youve been talking to her!
she said she misses you tony.
i said ive said it before
and now im going to say it here
in front of all these nice people
washing their clothes and watching
the nfl playoffs, but f anna.
she said did you say f anna?
i said yes, f anna!
and the mexican father
knew that word and he got up and
he went to his wifes side
they had three kids
and he started helping
her fold up their laundry.
and my love was
oddly impressed.
cuz finally
i think she
got it.