"22 Filmore"

jeff was working the express lane at the safe

way on market street when these

gunshots rang out seems these kids for

some reason ganged up on this electric

muni bus and started beating the windows with

sticks junior high school boys bashing the plexiglass

sending shivers of spider web type patterns

all over the people watched the european soccer

finals less than one block away and nobody looked

over this is today which is sunday and the little little kids

had just

cracked open the fire hydrant across from the accosted


but these were different kids

little kids

cooling themselves from the uncommonly

hot san francisco weather.

yesterday we attended the

lesbian parade.

we saw rollerskating lesbians

lesbians on stilts

lots of topless lesbians

some lesbians with absolute no clothes on

old lesbians lesbians in wheelchairs

most of the lesbians seemed fairly uncomfortable

hell i was fairly uncomfortable because i was stoned

and was trying to figure out exactly what was it that i was doing

at the lesbian parade.

the kids beating up the bus kept calling the bus driver out

yo motha fucka get the fuck out and get yo ass slapped

sometimes its

like the good lord just wrings as much youth as he can possibly

force and shoves it into some kids

as well as some adults

narciso was driving the bus

a handsome father of three and amazingly well groomed

and not just as compared to other bus drivers


narciso knew how to clean up.

gel in the hair, moustashe trimmed daily

nose hairs




and if you could see through his driving gloves youd see

some of the most well manacured set of nails that youd

ever wanna see.

narciso took his gloves off on this hot sunday in june.

i hope you know i love you.

and reached into his coleman cooler

and retrieved

his three fifty seven magnum

unlocked the safety

and said

narciso you understand

was from spain but if you ever said to him oh hey narciso

i hear youre spanish

he'd say true yes true but i am basque

deatils motherfucka details

narciso was into details like nobodies business.

sure the lesbians were in town but so were the gays too

and people for some reason were known to jump to

immediate conclusions with narciso because of his

good looks, impecable grooming habits

and sharp attention to details of all sorts

if you said narcisco i'll see you at the burrito hut at seven

narciscos brut aftershave smelling ass was at the burrito hut

like at 6:58

no problem

no worries

there he is

the man of the hour.

but if you were late.

look out there brothaman.

antonio, seven is not 7:04

seven is not 7:15

seven is seven

narciso pointed that gun straight

at the lead kid who was calling him out

the kid was wearing a san fransico forty-niners

tshirt and long shorts that looked to be falling off

if narciso wanted to he could have shot that bullet

right between his eyes

narciso loved to shoot guns and loved the challenge of

absolute marksmanship.

loved it.

jeff was working the express lane when he heard

narciso put a three inch hole

in the four inch wide stick

that lead kid



one half inch above the kids


motha fuck that

narciso said

and pulled away


from the curb.