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angus young the greatest of all timesim pretty good at laundry. i dont clean up very well around the house, but give me two washers and a smart card and detergent and i do ok. the secret i learned is to take it easy on the machines. not too many clothes, not too much detergent, not too much bleach. separate the whites.

here i have been talking about the replacements ac/dc beastie boys nwa and natalie goes to see ac/dc in vegas and now she wants everything that they have. im all didnt we live together for two and half years? she said yeah, i just ignored your music.

Tsar won the New Times awards on Friday, apparently. They won best pop/rock group and best album. For some reason their label - Hollywood Records - refuses to make a video for them. I saw a video for their labelmates and of course it sounded like Elvis Costello and of course it sucks in comparison.

But I wonder why Hollywood would set them up with this Grammy award winning producer and have them tour with Duran and have all these great pop songs and then just let them sit on the bench like it will just magically become a big hit. Letting talent - pure natural completely original talent sit on the bench - is that good business? Who here doesn't know that Fastball was a one hit wonder? Please. There are only like 10 big cities in the world and you have the best band in that city right now, and they're yours, and they want to rock and they do rock and people who see them LOVE them and you do your best to make sure they dont get seen and heard?

Life makes no sense sometimes.

AC/DC stuck with it. If you ask me Powerage was their best record and it had no hits, no radio play, no help from Atlantic Records and did ac/dc give up, no. Did they whine or wait for some fat cat to give them a big wardrobe budget? No. The next thing they did was record Highway to Hell and then Back in Black. Easy.

Tonight Monday Night Football was on. I saw the first half of it. Ally McBeal had her season premiere. Rene really likes that show so I let her watch it. Turns out the Jets came back for one of the greatest comebacks of all time. Earlier Rene had made some really good pastrami sandwiches and pasta so I didn't care all that much. Today I watched a lot of BET "Rap City". The new Wu Tang is really good. So are the Sticky Fingas (formerly Onyx). I don't know if it was because I was in such a good mood, but it seemed to me that hip hop is back. Nearly everything was really funny and dirty and good.

I set up the computer to the stereo so I can listen to music through the wireless headphones.

I went to Best Buy and bought a new boom box and a black printer cartridge.

Made Les this Melissa Etheridge Live cd.

The new Maxim arrived.

tsar is better than all the bands Disney has combined