thirty four // chapter four / profession // next

people ask me all the time why i stay at my job.

i never know what to say. but heres what i have figured out.

first cuz i love the people. love.

second cuz the people love me.

third cuz 98% of the bad people have left.

fourth cuz i don't see how it could get any worse.

fifth cuz the Internet has just gone through an outrageously long post-coital phase from shooting a tremendously huge load and i want to be around when it decides to wake the hell up.

sixth cuz i have a great view.

seventh cuz i am surrounded by excellent souls who just happen to be beautiful inside and out.

eighth cuz my mom worked at Motorola as a computer expert for 26 years, i have been working in high tech for 10 years, my fastball doesn't move like it used to and i'm no longer called back when i audition for Chippendales. this is where i belong.

ninth cuz i havent ever learned a damn thing by quitting.

tenth cuz all of the naysayers of the Internet still have AOL email addresses or no email address and people ought to think about that when they blindly pay respect to that lazy & predictable pessimism just because they're old and never made a dime in this sector.

eleventh cuz if you have ten good reasons to stay somewhere you probably oughtta stay.

people ask me if i think they're taking advantage of my undying loyalty and i tell them trust is one leg of the tripod of any good relationship and then i change the subject.

two hot babes are coming to pick me and rene up to see the foo fighters. i can't wait.