thirty four // chapter seven / nwa

astrology books talk a lot of shit and i don't know what to think since i am on the cusp of libra and scorpio.

i was reading the only astrology book that you'll ever need and it was making some sense to me and it's good to learn a little greek mythology.

i've been thinking about doing some nice things for Tsar. it'd be great if i was a busdriver cuz i'd drive their bus - why the hell not? i took some pictures that i will put up here near the end of the week, it'd be pretty boring to be the photographer - youd alwas say ah man, missed it.

but lately i have been thinking about teaching. if teaching actually paid anything i think all my friends and i would be teachers. and i try to be idealistic and say that money doesnt matter but it does matter a little and i guess that is why i am not a teacher and maybe its the only reason.

they say oh the kids are bad, you could get shot and i say no fucking little kid is gonna shoot me. and then they say some of the kids are big and i say fuck those big little kids im gonna teach catcher in the rye and if some kid pulls out the AK im gonna take that AK out of his hands and make that fucker read to us

with feeling.

even gangstas can understand that concept.

when you hear "straight outta compton, crazy motherfucka named Ice Cube, in a gang called Niggas With Attitude. When I'm called out, I got a sawed-off, squeeze the trigger, and bodies are hauled off", you can easily identify the feeling.

", too, boy if you fuck with me. The police are gonna hafta come and get me..."

it rained some on Sunday and I let the plants out and they got some rainwater. Today I realized that the dishes under the plants were still full of water and the plants couldn't drain. So look at your plants and see if everything is cool.