- it was pretty bad for us in the old days. there wasnt any of these programs where you just type type type into the magic box and poof out comes a web page. shit. we had to html that shit ourselves and they didnt even have background images or different text colors back then can you imagine such a thing?

one day my looks will fade she
sighs and i say

then let's get
to business
before i lose
she said yeah



im not a big fan of artists. sorry. i just dont get it.
i can barely tolerate musicians. but i liked her because she said she wanted to
be the first famous color blind artist of all time. i said al davis owner of the raiders is color
blind. she said tell me what is the worst curse if not to be a creative person born with this
defect. i said what if you were the finest lover of all and your penis was small. she said your
penis isnt small at all i said no im just answering your question she said oh. i said everything
isnt always about me she said yeah it is, pretty much. i said, let's make some crappy art.



















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