be careful as you walk down the street because there might be a blonde girl calling at you from the inside of a familiar car
be careful because you dont have the best memory thanks to "testing" done at the xbi in the sixties
or was it the seventies or was it last year who knows not me. her named rhymed with not me
and i have a pretty good track record so far but madness ensues when you want to do the right thing
but you also want to do the wrong thing. have you ever gotten back too much change?
has a girl ever whispered im not tammy, im mandy her twin sister, but dont stop.
i thought i was being careful walking down the street but i was wrong. she said please
just a few minutes. and i stood there looking at the palm tree cuz her door was open and nobody
ever said the girl wasnt cute. and on top of that i really needed to do some grocery shopping.
unlucky for me she could always esp me and offered to take me grocery shopping.
i had her wait in the car. i went down every aisle taking my time. only two things does one need
a car for. one is for shopping for food, and the other is for doing your laundry.
my mom offered to buy me a washer and a dryer but i said no. im glad i did.
i thought about everything i could inside the store other than the fact that
there was a girl in a catholic girl skirt waiting who you shouldntve even
ooooh peas are on sale. i got bread and cheese and
the problem is you also dont want to reward people for being really bad
and attention is definately a reward. eyeballs. click thrus.
if george bush had a blog do you really think
i would have a hard time getting more hits than him?
and thats why he ran for president instead.
other problem is i did love her. for a couple of years even.
and i suppose thats her problem too. which is why she calls
and calls and tries to chat with me and then just shows up
saying what, you think this is a coincidence
and then tells me i look cute. and then says that ive lost weight
and says she'd know. and i said how would you know.
and she said because i love skinny boys
and i didnt look at her. but i didnt want her to go away just yet.
so i took a few pictures for your asses
because i cant believe this shit either.

the mysterious connection between ac/dc and easter

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