i get so much mail i cant see straight but i read it all and i answer almost half of it. if you got a reply its cuz youre special. if you didnt, try again, maybe it got lost in the mess that is my harddrive. how could i leave a picture like this sit on it for months and how could i forget to write you back? still i didnt and im sorry. so lets talk about survivor. big two hour special is going down thursday and i think its going to be the lady from tennesee. the texan and the cook are the front-runners but they hate each other so they will count each other out. how? easy. if the texan gets immunity he will vote against the cook and the lady knows it so she will get him off too. if the cook gets immunity he will vote against the texan and the lady will know it and she will get him off too. if the lady gets immunity it doesnt really matter who she votes for because theres no way that the group will let the texan or the cook win. you heard it here first. some of the mail centers around sports. how are the kings doing this? how are the lakers doing this? how are the cubs doing this? the correct answer for all the above, duh, is teamwork and the fakeout. still no one played the drunken master as well as the lakers did. kobe hate shaq? shaq hate kobe? phil hate everyone? right. and everything in this page are lies. i may have born last night but i wasnt born late last night. phil jackson gets paid to have the league think that theres trouble in paradise and the only trouble is kobe getting married to that girl younger than the one i pretend that i'm writing. i think phil said, kobe, you can marry
whoever you want as
long as you do exactly
what i say on the
court. it looks like
kobe obliged.
it didnt hurt
that d.fisher
arrived. too
bad that
is horrid.


  me and chris went shopping on western avenue for furniture this weekend and white girls need to take a few tips from their latina amigas. first thing they need to realize is that the tight ass is really something better saved for strippers,
swimmers & figure skaters. unless gay, most men are
just as happy grabbing a sweet ass as buns of steel.
but drive down these neighborhoods and you will
see a casual confidence you'll never notice in
brentwood or the beaches because these
women are not pretending to be anything other
than themselves. they are not ashamed of
their hairdo's, their bus passes, their children,
or the size of their bodies. they have cable
and they know what bald gay madison
ave. says they they should look like, but
they are going to dress and act like
madonna '87 for the rest of their
lives. so step off, pendejo. no
love for the Lucy's launderia,
sunset. 2.50 a wash is ok if the
quarter dry actually dries. even
after 50 cents my shits still sog-
gy and "Open Ice" doesn't work
for the #3 player! cool to have
launderia video games but like
that little kid on the sopranos,
sometimes it's ok to flip
off santa.