the good thing about george w. bush becoming president of the united states of america is that now we know that anything is possible in this great land of ours.

oh yeah sure it helps that your dad was a millionaire as was your grampa, back when being a millionaire actually meant something. and sure it helps if youre white and you went to yale and your pa was cia director and vp under reagan and then p.

thats a good head start.

but if george doubleyou bush is qualified to be president of the united states in the year two thousand and one, then tony h. pierce is qualified to take the shirt off the girl on the left and then get some beers and rent a motel room in west hollywood with the twin teenage runaways at the bottom.

it means that america really is the land of the free. you are free if you are so inclined to vote for a coke addict who says he quit drinkin at fourty. and you wouldnt want anything else to do with him but just because he says that hes a republican you will elect him to be president of the united states and you will let him move out of his texas governor's mansion and move into the most famous american address ever. and if he was thirty years younger i bet you everything you wouldnt be happy if he showed up to take out your daughter but there you go giving him fullon control over the home of the brave. and what you get wont be good and you deserve what you have coming, fuckers.

and going to yale does have its privileges as does being white as does being an asshole's son as does being a so-called republican. and if you think that this has anything to do with bill clinton getting head you are crazy. this has to do with old white men wanting their fucking shit back. they dont understand the new economy or the Internet or anything inner resting but they do know that they cannot relate to a guy who can run the country one-handed so if theres gonna be a bubba in charge its gonna be their bubba and i search but i dont see any openings in amsterdam for coffee shop bar-backs. but that doesn't mean im gonna stop looking.





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