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   Thursday, October 24, 2002  
Dear Godfather of Blog,

I am sorry to read that you received grumpy mail. I think your response to the mean guy�s mail was powerful, fair-minded, and generally typo-free.

Jealousy is a bitter, twisted thing. I should know. People are jealous of me all the time. They just don�t know it yet. No, really.

I�d like to invite you to a celebration, a celebration of the 100th visitor to my site.

Your blog is in inspiration, one of the main reasons I started my own blog some seven years ago.

In my league of heroes you are right up there with Doug Henning and Ivan Putski. That�s rare company, my bro.

Please come visit and leave a favorite memory or monetary gift.

Keep up the good work!

Your friend and fan,

c monks

dear c,

your words mean a lot to me.

i cannot believe that in seven years on the web you've only gotten 100 hits.

i appreciate the high place of honor that you put me into between mr. henning and mr. putski (pictured.)

you've also sparked an idea that i think i will start doing from now on, and that is to link one person after or during each new post.

i love being linked, im sure everyone feels the same way.

anyhow, give my best to the missus, and i hope this thursday is a good one for you.

best regards,


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