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   Wednesday, August 11, 2004  
around the horn

bunny mcintosh, pictured, demonstrates why it's not always a great idea to trust the sweet, softspoken freckled faced hottie who you hire to do temp-work in your abandoned office

unless you expect her to take barefooted pictures of herself trying to obey the words of lionel ritchie and dance on the ceiling.

she also has sweet makeout pics of last week when she traveled to toronto to meet raymi.

if the president was truly a Christian he would repeal the pagan laws prohibiting bigamy, and bring us back to the days of King Solomon and allow me to marry both raymi and bunny and unleashing a litter of redheaded hockey playing stepchildren to rule the world while not being able to properly say "out."

that ashley girl finally gets around to doing an old(er) quiz of mine in which she has a pic of an open-shirted brad pitt who i believe is 40 years old and thus over the hill?

either way, she calls me sexy. and i appreciate that.

sk smith has been living in texas too long, she thinks that people there would have taste regarding architecture. fortunately she becomes diverted into talking about olde french "smut" that she is "researching."

if sara wrote for Lick, i would have her interview fellow-Austin resident Leah who i find delightful.

the metafilter thread that i posted regarding gilliam's o'reilly deal is the hottest discussion today in my favorite group blog.

i still love bunnie, though im not sure i fogive her.


matt welch is having a fred segal like 1/2 price sale on his blog ads. welch is one of the few people who Instapundit will link to even when he disagrees with him. (that means welch is privy to waves of shitloads of hits).

he also got a nice article published about blogging from the dnc con. chickty check it.

and if you arent rejoicing at the return of layne then youre missing out.

and for good measure here is an audblog of my latest collection of answering machine messages

1. tiffany asking me out for drinks? is she 21 yet?
2. linda catching me screening my calls
3. danielle out drinking asking me to join her and her girl. is she 21 yet either?
4. my dentist asking to fork over some heavy cash for my root canal. lovely.
5. danielle hiking in the santa monica mountains getting west nile as she speaks.
6. matt welch inviting me to a party for tim blair
7. wrong number
8. ashley trying to trick me into calling her.

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