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   Tuesday, December 21, 2004  
a pre-christmas email from Karisa who writes us from mass


how are you? i miss you very much!! i am in massachusetts right now and it is FREEZING! i have had a crazy weekend so far! i got in on friday night and ended up going to elizur's to hang out with my brothers. that place seems kind of dead & ghetto these days. weird vibe.

but kelly came (with her friend kelly)- and at one point we were hanging with my bro matt (and his friend matt) and then we left and went dancing downtown springfield to this club, rain. it is the same club that we used to go to 10 years ago- but with the new name to reflect the times. when i went there back in college, it was called the 'hot club'. the music was TERRIBLE. i don't know if i have heard a lot of jamaican techno in my life- but apparently it is the thing at this place! and i think the kids might like it! we went to the 80's/90's room and it just made it seem like i never left. i did lemon drop shots and danced and danced!

on saturday, i woke up an my sister was pissed at me b/c i didn't call her. my mom told me on friday night that my sister left b/c she "didn't want to hang out w/a bunch of 30 year-olds"... so i figured that meant she didn't want to go out- even though i am NOT 30 yet!!! apparently, she just meant she didn't want to go to elizur's. so i asked her why she didn't call me... and she made it clear that I was
supposed to call her. nevermind that both my brothers and kelly called me. i swear she is absolutely insane. i apologized for the miscommunication but she is still pissed at me.... whatever.

so kelly picked me up on saturday and we went to see kerrie in clinton! so fun! we started drinking at 5 and then partied until like 3:30a.m. i even saw becca too, which was very fun! we chilled all day yesterday and then kelly and i drove back to holysmoke- and i encountered the worst snow storm i have ever driven in. i thought i
was tripping on acid at one point and that the car was standing still and the snow was the only thing moving. i think i had 3 mini-heartattacks!

it is so good to hang out w/kelly and kerrie. kelly and i didn't even need the radio the entire time b/c we just talked and talked and talked.

i have been fixing my parents computer all morning. they had like 112 spyware-related programs. wtf????

i am about to do tae-bo right now b/c i need to work off all the crap i ate all weekend. if i lived here i would weigh 500lbs. seriously.

tomorrow i am going to boston w/kerrie- i can't wait!!!! i might have to steal my dad's car though. i'm not worried- i think i am stronger than him and i have seen enough police chases in l.a. to know how to evade the police. they don't have hellicopters here so it would be easy ;)

it is hard to read your blog on this computer b/c they only have a dial-up. i am making them get dsl and a new computer before i leave. they have like a 3000 dollar tv... they can at least get something that doesn't use windows 3.1 anymore ;) i miss you very much and can't wait to hang out again!

hope all is well!


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