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   Wednesday, February 23, 2005  
people think im a bigger deal than i am, trust me im not that big a deal.

some send cds, some dvds, some send themselves.

they all want to be mentioned in the busblog.

its very nice.

recently someone sent some coupons for a netflix type organization. the nice part about them is that they are the xxx version of netflix. xxxflixxx lets call them.

xxxflixxx has a ginormous catalogue of new and old adult dvds, which is great for a guy like me who enjoys seeing people dressing sexy and talking sexy and being happy, but because ive been busy saving the world the last 78 years i havent been able to watch kid films let alone adult films.

this company has been very generous with what i can order and because they want me to test out their system they tell me that i can order and return anything they want as much as i want.

since i dont know what to order i usually choose by name of the film.

the sopornos caught my eye, but wasnt very good.

an officer and a gentlewhore got my vote, but that too was of poor quality and the actors didnt seem to know their lines.

last night i came home tired and wet from the huge rainstorms that have been beating on our fair city and i saw a dripping wet package at my door.

i opened the familiar dvd case and there it was

75 Nurse Orgy.

how can you lose with such a title?

sadly friends, you can lose.

it wasnt 75 nurses going nuts, it was small groups of 5-7 nurses smiling and laughing and, well, some things were lighted a little too well, some things didnt need to lit at all. and so yes, 12 scenese starring 5-7 "nurses" does add up to 75 but it was cheating.

they even shared uniforms.

in every scene there was a nurse in a pink outfit, one in a blue, two in white, etc. just like in every other scene.

some of these women didnt even look like nurses!

i was very disappointed and returned my dvd first thing this morning.

great concept but my only suggestion for xxxflixxx is that perhaps they can hire a bunch of experts to recommend films. im not sure how they can do it but some of us know nothing about this genre and maybe we can fill out some sort of questionairre and we can -- aw forget it, i'll just go back to chosing films the olde fashioned way - waiting for the girls to get on howard stern and ordering it from who was cool with howard.

im off to get a crown for my tooth. wish me well.

i will return bankrupt but with a fairly new tooth that cost the price of a used car.

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