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   Tuesday, July 05, 2005  
life isnt fair, my friends not in the slightest.

sometimes you meet the most unbelieveable girl in the world and she whispers, i dont like soul food

and i just got engaged.

and flashes you a ring so big that engraved in it are the words

the diamond is the hardest natural resource on earth

the good news is kristin pony, pictured, likes soul food.

thus ends the good news if you know what i mean.

and the only way i can accept such harsh realities is to say something like God must have really loved that boy

and really hated you.

just kidding.

kristin sent me her graduation picture today via the electronic mail system and wrote me a little message and with her permission i will share this bit with you
college graduation was surprisingly anticlimatic.

i expected to feel something significant - a great sense of accomplishment, relief, or excitement about selling back my books for the final time.

i didn't know whether to blame my lack of enthusiasm on the whirlwind of academic hell leading up to the big day, (a combined 50-some pages of papers due the same day as two of my finals,) or the fact that this really was just a stepping stone in my life on to bigger things next fall, (law school.) but all i really felt was annoyed that one more day of my life was going to be spent doing something school-related.

that day, i threw on a casual skirt and a tank. my mother arrived at my house, and i was forced into a dress. my sister, dissatisfied with my lack of eyeliner, re-did my makeup. i was in a somewhat less than happy mood (see picture.)

but then at convocation, they had fireworks. one minute i was completely annoyed, and the next minute, i was completely elated. those one million pages i had written about social capital, (i hate you, robert putnam) hadn't been in vain. i was a college graduate. and they were having a colorful, noisy celebration in the sky in honor of my accomplishment.

i think more of life's big moments should have real, honest-to-god fireworks.
the cubs keep losing too.

dave navarro + c'est what? is one years old + zulieka

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