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   Thursday, October 27, 2005  
1. why do sexy chicks put the crucifix between their tits

2. why do people tell me that id get more hits if id capitalize. why does every woman think shes fat. why does every man think hes gotta be a millionaire superhero knowitall genius.

3. why cant the cubs get it together before i die.

4. why do people think they can jinx sporting events by saying things like oooo hes throwing a no hitter or how about them sox.

5. why do people who talk so much shit about the mainstream media only vote for people that the mainstream media pays attention to.

6. why is it that theres 100 channels and yet everyone for the most part watches the same three channels that have always been around even though everyone agrees those stations havent gotten any better over the years.

7. why is it that everybodys older stuff is always better than their new shit.

8. how come mary-kate and ashley hit the wall as soon as they turned 18.

9. why is it that cbs news was pretty much decimated by bloggers in pajamas and not only do they still not have a cbs newsblog but blogger isnt selling pajamas.

10. why is it that nobody gives a crap when gasoline jumps fifty cents a gallon (or $10 a fillup) but if stamps ever went up a dime thered be widespread panic.

11. why isnt weed legal.

12. if the president wants to knock homosexuals for being against the bible, why doesnt his wife cover her face as is also commanded in the good book? similarily why doesnt he paint the posts of his doors with lambs blood in honor of the Father?

13. for a nation of intellects who run around calling other people's countries "third world" why is it that the united states lets its morals be governed by religious conservatives who have no class, no style, and buggar little boys?

14. since mtv and vh-1 have turned their backs on music videos and have stolen their programming from E!, why doesn't E! then start showing 10 hours of music videos a day?

15. if cable isnt privy to the mandates of the fcc how come i cant see titties on any channel other than hbo, showtime or skinamax. isnt the rule, if you pay for it to come into your house it isnt to be regulated? fine, then let me see titties on mtv.

16. when will there be a presidential nominee who will say, "i will make sure that your tap water is as clean as bottled water."

17. when will there be a presidential nominee who will say, "i may have my faults, but that guy is a fucking loser."

18. why are there still fax machines.

19. when will there be a presidential nominee who will say, "ticketmaster is the longest running fucking monopoly of all time. we're breaking them up."

20. why cant pro cheerleaders date the football players.

21. why do we have to execute people humanely. the point is to deter people for doing things that caused the execution. and the point is to kill the person. who cares if it takes three minutes instead of one minute. let them smoke on the chair and shake around a lil.

22. why do girls think that visible bra straps or panty lines are "trashy", have you seen the slutty clothes people wear these days?

23. when will there be a presidential nominee who will say, "pot has never killed anyone, ever. booze and cigs kill tens of thousands a year. wtf, america?"

24. how come more houses dont have basements.

25. when did waterbeds fade away.

26. how come all the girls i go out with only want to have sex with me and not be my girlfriend?

27. why are gas stations and restaurants so possessive about their bathrooms? do they want us to just piss right there on their locked door?

28. explain to me again how tommy chong went to jail and rush limbaugh didnt, and tommy wasnt even busted for drugs.

29. why do we tolerate radio sucking so badly.

30. why on earth would anyone ever want to "grow up".

- this list originally posted a year ago today on the busblog

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