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   Monday, October 31, 2005  
happy halloween everyone

for halloween im going to be on time for work.

ive worked at buzznet for like two weeks now and i dont think ive ever been on time.

maybe the first day i was, but that was so long ago im not sure, i was probably a few minutes late.

the problem is i stay late so i always rationalize things, but as i age i would like to be known as a reliable man, and being on time is part of that.

this was a nice weekend. i was able to kiss a pretty girl, i was able to hang out with my best friend, i was able to watch both the raiders and the bears win. i got to see my buddy jeff and his lovely family. i got to eat chicken burgers in the park. i even went to bed early last night so i could wake up early and do my little thing (that would be this) before i headed off to work.

there are many benefits to the buzznet loft, but today im going to try my hand at the Laundry Room. nothing ruins a weekend more than having to do laundry on a sunday night. so since the loft has laundry facilities i was thinking about killing two birds and omg even folding my shit afterwards.

anyone see 60 Minutes last night? totally awesome.

how this administration gets away with what it does is amazing. and being an avid reader of the blogosphere gives me the twisted idea that the american public actually supports it, but its obvious that no, thats just the righty bloggers who are just o'reilly jrs who either do it because they get paid to, or because they like the attention.

if you cant be batman, may as well be the joker.

that sorta thing.

or in this case the contrarian.

but today is halloween so lets reminice a tad. back in the day, growing up outside Chicago, one had to pick his halloween costume based on the weather.

you had to figure out how to dress up and stay warm, so one day i was Jake Blues of the blues brothers cuz i could put some long johns on under my suit, one day i was a hobo cuz i could wear lots of clothes at one time,

and then one halloween was really warm so my mom dressed me up as a woman.

it was that halloween that i understood the skill it takes to walk in heels.


in isla vista i dressed up as a mexican which was weird because some of the real mexican adults waved and cheered at me, i dont know why. maybe i looked like someone historic.

and the last time i dressed up was, ironically enough, at the buzznet loft when mc brown threw a halloween party way back in 2002, pictured, with the lovely moxie.

i was jack white of the white stripes.

this year i will be a blogger doing his laundry.

some of you are not Buzznet members, and thats cool, but that doesnt mean that you cant have your pics on Buzznet. what i would like to do is have a little busblog Halloween gallery

so heres how you can participate: email your Halloween 2005 pics to and bam they will end up in my dealie.

just attatch your halloween pic(s) and in the subject header put in the caption.

the gallery is here.

happy halloween!

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