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   Thursday, November 17, 2005  
somebody axed me if all the busblog coverage of the Pajamas Media meltdown was derived from "sour grapes", implying that i was jealous that they didnt invite me to their clam bake.

fool are you crazy?

have you looked at the list of Pajama-wearers? did you see who was the Chair of the Advisory board?

the day you see Tony Pierce of the busblog, defier of grammar and spelling conventions, inventor of the modern day photo essay, kisser of girls, independent in every way - join forces with the Instapundit, Little Green Footballs, and 60 other Bush apologists in hopes to get rich

is the day the busblog has jumped the shark

and sold out

and is probably being kidnapped in Gitmo so send help.

sour grapes?

have you seen what has been going on for me in the last two months? do you even read the busblog?

in the last two months i went from working at a mostly all-woman market research company on hollywood blvd, to flying to NYC on my first day at Buzznet to host parties, meet hot babes, get the VIP treatment at the Daily Show, have my birthday party thrown for me in a loft in LA, and then get to spend four days as the guest of a rock star in Vancouver Canada. and on tuesday im being flown to Chicago to throw another Buzznet party in the shadows of Wrigley Field.

and you think id rather work for roger l. simon instead of m.c. marc brown?

honky, please.

the reason i criticised and gasped at the downfall of Pajamas Media was because it was such a spectacular and complete fuckup that i couldnt believe it was happening right before our eyes.

i thought it was a dream.

it was almost as if God Himself took all the Righty Apologists, ushered them onto an ark two-by-two

and then sank the fucker.

they hired people and then fired them days later and then deleted the posts welcoming those once-qualified writers.

they didnt explain to their audience why they kept Penthouse pornographer Gerard Van der Leun, but fired Luke Ford two days after they hired him once they found out that he writes about the porn industry.

they didnt explain why the phone number on their press release was being answered by people who didnt know who Pajamas Media was, nor did they explain why after they raised $3.5 million they couldnt afford a real office in New York and opted instead for a faux/virtual office.

and if they werent making a big enough fool out of themselves, this Media supergroup who, one could only imagaine, wished everyone to take them seriously hired Judith Miller to give their keynote address -- Miller of course being the reporter who went to jail for no good reason, presumably to protect Scooter Libby who had told her and all other reporters that they were free to reveal him as the source because he was going to be the fall guy.

what part of tony pierce or the busblog fits in with any of the above?

we wont even mention the fact that everyone wore suits and ties to the event. we wont even mention the fact that the busblog has never been about money, that it took three years before i even considered putting ads on this bitch, or the fact that any time i mention glenn reynolds im lecturing him on how he's not blogging correctly - so why would i ever want to be in a position where he is the chair of an Advisory board who could tell me how to blog. bitch i wrote the fucking book!

sour grapes? best thing that ever happened to me was not getting invited to that slaughterhouse.

bottom line: i dont get jealous of other people, they get jealous of me.

the only place i would rather have been last night other than where i was which was on my couch and then getting done i mean interviewed by smelly danielly one of the many babes of vancouver who i met this month

would have been smoozing it up at ariana huffingtons house in brentwood,

which, if i was a good employee of Buzznet, i would have been at; handing out cards, clinking glasses with my friends, and snaping pics for your ass.

but guess what, you read me because i dont wear suits with no ties. you like me because i can ride the bus and pull runway models. you can relate to me because id rather watch Lost on a wednesday night than kiss bill maher's ass on the wesssside and rub shoulders with defamer and nick denton.

i really respect those people who celebrated the gawker/yahoo semi-merger

but as my favorite band tsar says in "straight"

eastside up and weside down

and friends, im eastside

and im up.

im so up im stiff.

so no, i dont need to have my wallets stuffed by dishonest deceitful disingenious Bushlickers to feel good about myself.

and ive lived in LA for nearly 20 years which means if im going to go to a party with celebs, the average age is going to be collegiate not viagrate.

and im gonna wear a flannel, not a fidora, nor a-fitch.

i get more hits more pussy and more freedom than pretty much everyone in that trainwreck in new york or at that wine tasting fiesta in brentwood.

no one ever said i deserve it, but i'll take it, and i will honor it by never selling out and respecting where i came from.

i come from hanover park illinois


where theyd beat my ass if they found me spreading brie in brentwood

and theyd hang me from my necktie if they found me at Open Sores Media

who still havent explained what theyre going to do about their stolen name.

wanna know how amazing it was in nyc yesterday? the blogfather posted 20 times today, guess how many were about that the launch yesterday of the company that he's the chair of the advisory board? zip. he mentioned osm once, but it was to ask his readers to help him on a lost cause. in fact since being there he has not had one recap or one good story or one fond memory or one picture on his blog.

because he knows the truth. and cant fight a two front war of bullshit. either hes gotta spin for the GOP or spin for the PJM. but hes only one man, he cant tap dance on two different stages.

now fuck you very much but survivor is on

followed by everyone hates chris and love inc. which i still love.

dc + alecia + emmanuelle is in the red dress on top

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