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   Monday, December 05, 2005  
how to know when you're on to something big by tony pierce, 112

clue number one: when those who you talk about insinuate that youre an anti-semite for even mentioning their name

saturday i wrote a post where i speculated how difficult it must be for the pajamas media kids to do their thing in light of the recent admission from the Pentagon that they had been secretly paying for pro-USA stories to get printed in Iraqi newspapers.

i said that i was happy that i wasnt a Righty blogger or a member of the pj crew because if the goverment had $100 million to spend on fake news in iraq, people might start to think that they also have $3.5 million to secure 70+ bloggers in ventures like pm.

i also said that $3.5 mil for 70 top bloggers in comparison to the $100 million in iraq would not only be a bargain, but pretty much in line with this administration's behavoir regarding the press. and then i linked a tad to stories about how BushCo has been caught sneaking a gay male hooker into the white house press corps, how they paid off other conservative journalists to write proBush stories, and how they produced propaganda disguised as news to be run on US tv.

i said that it would be really tricky for guys like Jeff Goldstein and the Martini Pundit to defend propaganda because since BushCo pays people off, and since they're pretty much proBushCo, and pro PM, defending propaganda might appear to be protesting too much, especially if it turns out that pajamas media is being funded by Lincoln Group, an outsourced arm of BushCo.

instead of Mr. Goldstein saying, yeah it IS sorta hard to defend propaganda and Bushie and Pajamas Media these days but I do it because of x, y, and z... mr protein wisdom comes into my comments and links to a pro-propoganda post of his and then writes this curious paragraph
Surprised you didn't bring up the fact Stephen Green and I are both Jews, Tony. Because the Jews not only like money, but lot's of us like them neocons just a bit too much, if you catch my meaning.
ah... the old Jew Card. when they whip that one out in the first round, rest assured that you've either struck a nerve or they've got nothing to defend themselves with other than the antisemite bomb.

sorry charlie but my messiah is a rabbi, so go fish.

clue number two: when those who you talk about try to dig up dirt on you next to bold headlines

like a theif in the night, stephen green around midnight links to me and throws out the concept that my post about the probability that since BushCo has paid off or tainted or corrupted newspapers television and magazines and therefore has also corrupted bloggers is the same as if green alleged that i have a live boy or a dead girl in my bed.

and then he posts that i should be above this sort of "unsubstantiated charges" because i was once accused of something i hadnt done.

well heres the difference mr green. when the child services said i was some baby's daddy, i didnt try to turn the tables and smear the lawyers, the judge, or the momma. nor did i accuse them of being anti-blogger.

i simply stated my case and proved that their theory was wrong. not that they were flawed.

perhaps youve been drinking too many martinis but how can you not "fathom" the concept that if BushCo paid off journalists, paid off the Iraqi press, snuck in a gay hooker, snuck in tapes labeled as "news", and lied about leaks to the reporters, that the possibility of spending a fraction of that money on bloggers isnt far-fetched, and not only possible, but probable?

this is an administration that has held suspects in Gitmo without representation despite admitting that some of them have been found to be innocent. this is an administration who's in the business of secret prisons and wars based on no wmds.

$3.5 million for this administration is pocket change, and to spend it corral 70+ influencial bloggers so as to have access to their blogs through their ad space, is not only a financial bargain, but it's fucking brilliant. damn near rovian.

my dismissed paternity suit has nothing to do with the trainwreck you're straddling, and the dead girl and gay boy in my bed are none of your damn business.

what should be your business is simply doing as your buddy over at wizbang suggests, and follow the money.

do a little reporting slash blogging and tell us about the angel investor(s) of pajama media and show us where they got their flowage and how they have absolutely no ties to this administration or Lincoln Group.


or keep acting like a guilty and defensive ass.

ps you cannot embarrass someone over something that he has already admitted to in his blog and on his site.

but good try

UPDATE: the girl was merely sleeping and the "boy" was just a riotgrrrl

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