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   Sunday, January 29, 2006  
judst got back from another "date" sorry but im a little timpsy im spendint a fortune on cabs but its cool cuz thes e girls are incredible; and thank god ive been gettinf interviwed by ppl becuase its great practice for these dates.

whats been interesting is these last two ahave ben with girls wwho dont blog and dont really know the blogashper. this iss what you call a Stretch cuz i have to answer a lot more questions when im first meeting someone who has never read my shit,. i have to explain why i didnt have a car for five years i have to explain why i blog every day what blogging is "who" i am all that and i have to try to make it not sound like im vicepresident of the fucking burbank anime club.

prehaps some of you know what im talking about.

anyways tonight i met this cool young woman who was all "i like to write but sometimes i worry that im saying 'I' too much, how do you handle that?"

and it was a hel of wuestion and i said the best thing about blogging bexisdes the xvool peopel you mweet is you get to practice your writing and if you wanna try to go a week without making the post about your then you can try. if you want to just write i ii i i i i i like mad then nobodies gonna say shit because 1)most people arent gonna read everythinmg that you witn and wont notic 2)99 opercent of what is in a blog is someone saying "i just made the best cake" or "god i khate the customers at my mcdonalds" or other versions of iiiii whichis sorta the point of diaries or onliune diars and nwo blogs.

so i said for her to go for it.

and then we square danced.

i fucking dominate at aquare dancing.

i can alimand left like nobodies business.

of course we were at hollywood bar that was playing snoop dogg but when the girl your with is trying to outdo you you must win at all cost.

sadly you have to pick yuour battles and even though i won that one someone blew me off tonight with the prefect line

she said i really like you and im afraid that if i dont go home right now im going to have sex with you.

remember that one ladies.

now i dont know if she really nmeant it or if she was just adept at the changeup but it was pretty smooth.

and we were drunk and im a gentlemen and gentlemen dont bang drunk chicks

on the first datte

and at that point i wanted to tell her my real age because i think - which she had been asking for all night - becuas i think that if she kenew that i was realy 113 shed no that all i really wanted to do was just sorrta make out for a little while and just cuddle with her cuz this chick was hot america and soinmetimes its nice jsut to hold a hot chick for temn mintues before you pass your durnk ass out. and sometimes igts nice to wake up with a hot chick and taker to that huge pancake palece on sunset

but i guess that would be awkwatnrd if you dont really know the girl and like i said we dint really know iech other and bla balah bla im so tired of looking at this csreen anyways i hoipe she meant she really wanted to have sex and not omg you suck ejct ecjt eject

and now i know sorta what su0prjux is talking about when she talks about her dates xcoet she always has bad ones and mine are pretty much always fucking rad. but maybne its cuz i normally og out with girls who love the busblog and get naked minutes after coming in to my house and i know nothing in here is true but

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