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   Monday, January 09, 2006  
marc browns got me listening to crunk because we have a deal with TVT records and you know me, i always do what the boss tells me to do, so here i be.

the Bloggies is holding their nominations for all the things that they do. last year if you recall, i won "best article or post about Blogging" which earned me a bunch of gifts that i never claimed and some paypal $$$ which was nice and noteriety but the best was it was announced in front of some of my friends at sxsw and that was cool.

but now because people are axing their readers to nominate them for things, people are looking back at the winners of last year. which means people are rediscovering the post that i wrote that won "how to blog".

and even though that post is close to two years old now, when people read that thing they either quote a line or two that speaks to them or they'll just copy the whole damn thing into their blog after saying "this is brilliant" or "i dont believe in all of this but its great."

but one thing they forget to include most of the time is the part where i say that if youre going to steal from anyone you should steal from raymi cuz shes perfect.

that part is so true i wonder why people leave it out.

last year the busblog wasnt good enough to win any awards probably and thats fine with me. im not a huge fan of awards because it makes more people "losers" than winners.

blogging is such a personal, experimental, exhibitionistic whisper that people shouldnt ever feel bad for contributing to this social dialogue. which is why i dont like a-lists or b-lists either.

with that said, someone emailed me to tell me two things: that theyve dissolved the "best article or post about blogging" which means that my award is rare now, or something

but theyve added "Best Tagline of a Weblog"

and this person said, tony, is there a better tagline in the whole blogosphere better than "nothing in here is true"?

of course not.

but im too proud to ask you, my readers, to nominate me for that award.

proud isnt the word. i dont know what the word is, really.

right now im not proud of anything. im tired. i have a long night ahead of me because my buddy Chris wants to take me to the Lakers Pistons game and if we get out early i want to go to Spaceland to see Rocket play (pictured, left, with cc deville).

and then i have to help the old lady with her lock. seems she doesnt know where to hide her key outside her door.

did i tell you i had to break into her house and lift her up because she had fallen out of her bed and couldnt lift herself up.

did i tell you that i saw old lady bush. and there was poop in the cat cage and she wanted me to put the cat in there and i said no.

did i tell you that she called me like ten times this weekend but fortunately i was not at home. fortunate for me because i was looking at young lady bush but sad for her because how fucked up must it be when you cant even lift yourself up into your own bed?

so because we live near one of the big sceintologey churches, and because at 92 years old the lady likes them and has read some of their books, and agrees with some of it, i said, why dont you call them up, im sure they wouldnt mind coming over in the middle of the night since theyre right up the street and awake at all hours.

and she said, no no, i want to have my life in order before i talk to them, also they charge for their courses.

and i said theyre a church, they shouldnt charge, and she said, yes but they do.

and i said perhaps they'll give a few courses free if youre over 90 and live down the block.

and she sighed. and i said seems to me that they approach people all day who dont want to talk to them, seems to me that theyd love to talk to someone who does want to talk to them.

and she said good point.

but i dont think she called them up.

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