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   Thursday, January 12, 2006  
sutter refuses to enter the hall as a cub

Sorry to be the one, but Sutter's going in as a Cardinal. He says his family best remembers him throwing the last pitch of the '82 World Series. I feel your pain.

The Cards did the same thing with Steve Carlton to the Phils in the early 70s because Augie Bush was as moronic as the Wrigley folks. Assholes.

Regards from your friend who has to confess to Cardinal fandom since age four (which makes me eighty four),

Mark Anderson
yes mark i had heard the terrible news.

someone in my comments notified me and because im not very level headed i called him names and dared him to prove it.

sadly i found the evidence before he did and i deleted my bitter comment of hate and ignorance.

this is a horrible act of disloyalty to the club that signed you, taught you the pitch, made you a star and loved you like one of their own.

he says his family remembers the world series the most

and thats why hes going in as a cardinal.

yeah sorry bruce, there havent been any cubs world series wins since 1908, dont take it personally.

and btw thanks for putting salt in the wounds of cub fans that the reason youre going in as a card is because of the world series.

whys it always gotta be about the world series.

i have a sneaking suspicion that the cardinals paid you to go in as a cardinal now that it looks like mark macguire will never get in, and its gonna be a long time till puljos is eligible.

i hate you bruce sutter, my former favorite player.

no i dont yes i do no i dont.

when i was in college i had a friend named gregory vaine who inspired me to do lots of things: record things on tape, write things down, take photos, and paint on found wood.

i am not a good painter in fact i cant paint at all.

and lord help a bad painter when he uses watercolors, not real paint, watercolors and paints that on wood.

but in those days i was doing a lot of drugs and i had patience back then that i dont have now and i blame the internet modem for that. ive noticed that i have the attention span and tolerance of the current modem speed.

back then i had the patience of a 14.4 dialup thru aol.

which meant i spent more time romancing the ladies, more time to read books, and more time to try to make watercolors work on dirty plywood

one summer in college i went home to illinois and i got a job as an ice cream man

i also had a summer girlfriend named tracey degrazia who i fell in love with and i would love to talk too again so if any of you know her she lived in park ridge


when the summer was over i had to fly back to santa barbara and we kept in touch and on my birthday that october she gave me a book called baseballs greatest pitchers, because she was perfect.

inside it had a page with a full-page black and white picture of bruce sutter, my hero.

so i found some wood and painted what i saw.

i started at the top of his head and because it was black and white at first i made it that but as i worked my way down i started painting in color, but when i got to his waist i got bored and instead of completing the cubs uniform, i gave him swim trunks where one leg had stripes and the other leg had polka dots.

and then i painted soothing colors all around him.

its my finest work of the three ive ever done.

im seriously considering selling that peice that has hung in my bedroom ever since ive lived here.

being that it pains me to look at it

knowing that he wants to be immortalized as a


i cant even say it.

first dave kingman going to great america on dave kingman day at wrigley, and now this.

et tu bruce?

that does it, im not going to the ceremony either.

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