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   Tuesday, February 28, 2006  
a question from my man pitt...

tony quickly before black history month ends one legitmate question/comment:

Do you think acknowledging Jackie Robinson's inclusion into MLB downgrades the real afro-american that broke the colour line: Jack Johnson?

When JJ won the Heavy weight title boxing was a WORLD sport and widely recognised as the most important prize in sport (I still believe it is today given it's indivdual effort)- more importantly he faced greater resistance and the win litterally sparked riots across the country.

SO before we wrap up this month I'd like to toss my useless hat into the ring and contest that JJ broke the colour line - not the very honourable, but overblown accomplishment, of JR.

Dear Pitt,

i understand where you're coming from. however, Black men have been beating the fuck out of white men from day one. it's one reason racists dont want equality between the races, because in a fair competition, like that of two men in the square circle, the Black man will usually prevail.

so is a boxing match between a Black man and a white man where the Black wins some sort of tipping point? hell no. especially in comparison to Jackie Robinson's acheivement.

Jackie wasnt allowed to fight back. he wasnt allowed to even talk shit back to all the naysayers and racists who were hating on him.

he had to suck it up, take it, and prove it on the field, in the basepaths, and at the plate.

and he had to do this year after year after year.

give most Black men 12 three-minute rounds with their worst adversary and they'd gladly beat the shit out of the figurative and literal epitome of their torment for an hour and call it a night.

jackie robinson went years as an all-star on the field before he was allowed by Branch Rickey to tell a heckler, an opposing player, or a racist repoter to go fuck himself.

to me that restraint superceeds athleticism or even courage, and ascends into heroism because it was unparrelled in the history of sport.

no disrespect to jack johnson but on any given day im sure they could have rounded up any number of Black men who could have beaten the crap out of whatever great white hope was being paraded around as the champion of the world, but there are very few men of any race who could have done what jackie robinson did which is why his number was rightfully retired from every team in major league baseball, not just the dodgers.

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