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   Tuesday, February 28, 2006  
today is bunny mcintosh's super sweet sixteenth birthday. born to unorthodoxed mormons (aka southern baptists) ms mcintosh found herself in diaper commercials before she could walk, in broadway musicals before she could sing, and graduating high school before she learned how to roll a joint.

yes our favorite georgian redhead has always been a little advanced for her age.

several years ago i received an electronic mail message from todays birthday girl informing me that i was her favorite blogger and she wanted to know everything about me. i told her that i had eight children and seven wives and an eighth wife on the way. she said im on the way then.

and two weeks later she was in my house re-arranging the dirty clothes.

immediately i called over mr antidisestablishmentarian aka john wayne sixfooter to witness this athens invasion so he could tell me if it was all a dream.

yes it was a dream he acknowledged but it was one of those day dreams meaning if i woke up she might still be there sleeping on the couch.

so i drove her to santa barbara to throw her off a cliff. my theory was if she lived after the experiment then she was infact a pleasant hallucination. if she died then she was the real deal and i had been the lucky benefactor of her presence.

fortunately for all of us when she plunged from the windy cliffs of isla vista a strong breeze blew her back to me and a man named abraham asked me never to do that again and he walked off with a lamb and a young boy. bunny of course followed the trio with a sharp knife and a wicked smile.

in the time that ive known ms mcintosh she has turned into mrs steele. nearly that quickly. who knew that this punk rock princess would follow the exact same path as our favorite sorority girl mrs madpony and wed their college true love, but thats todays modern woman for you: romantic, spontaneous, and independent.

and deaf to the hearts breaking all across the blogosphere.

last march sk smith and i caught the whirlwind that was bunny mc during sxsw. she had a few minutes to share a beverage with us before Spoon was to play down the street. afterwards sk seemed shocked at how cute our little angel was and is. for some reason she thought the photos had been doctored. but alas, pictures cannot capture the spirit of wild souls. they can only outline the basics.

in a week i will announce another partnership between bunny and an organization that you all know quite well. you should be happy. you should be stoked. i know i am because it means that i get to enjoy her talents on a bigger stage.

and for those of you who have yet to meet mrs steele all i can tell you is shes one of a kind, shes energy incarnate, shes a rebel, and shes a fireball that will not burn out any time soon. shes punk rock the way the Lord intended - sexy, smart, and crazed.

i have no idea what shes going to do with the next two years of her life, but i can promise you that it wont be dull, it will involve other hot young southern girls, and if one of you tough guys try to get in the way of the party you'll probably get shot.

happy birthday mrs mc steele, perhaps i will see you again in texass.

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