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   Wednesday, March 08, 2006  
a busblog experiment

its not scientific, but if you look at the Technorati 100, it appears that the popularity of rightwing blogs are dropping faster than the value of barry bonds rookie cards.

infact the only righty blog in the Technorati Top 10 is Michelle Malkin's.

not only that but three of the Technorati Top 10 blogs are decidedly liberal: Daily Kos (#3), The Huffington Post (#4), and Thought Mechanics (#7).

some might surmise that because of the never-ending assortment of scandals, corruption, and lies coming from the GOP, reading their apologists isnt as entertaining any more because their drivel has become predictable, ridiculous, and uninspired.

the biggest loser of popularity over the last few months has been our old pal the Instapundit. who not only had the misfortune of hitching his wagon to the Pajamas Media trainwreck by taking undisclosed huge sums of cash to be their advisory board chair but apparently signed a deal with the devil i mean karl rove that he would pimp any program from the west wing no matter what a mess it is. no matter that the country involved was one of only three in the world to have ever recognized the Taliban as afghanistan's legitimate government. no matter that even people who arent ashamed to call themselves Republicans think the idea is a stinker.

looks like blog-generated propaganda doesnt play in peoria. anymore.

this week, left-leaning media blog Crooks & Liars lept over the Instapundit despite the fact that professor reynolds released his book today and it's doing quite well on amazons sales charts. successful isnt how one would judge the early reader reviews on amazon or glenn's eviction from the top ten, a neighborhood he once ruled leaving malkin its only conservative resident.

which is where the busblog experiment comes in. and you are invited to participate.

Technorati's ranking system
isnt perfect, but no ranking system is. some assign rank from unique "hits", some by page views... Technorati ranks by # of blogs that link to a blog.

michelle's blog is linked by 6,853 blogs, Crooks & Liars is linked to by 5,806, which means that if somehow 1,047 blogs started linking to C&L, say in the next few days before ms. malkin can copy this brilliance and start up her own campaign, malkin will sink to #10 and even further if a few of those new C&L bloggers also add gawker media's Gizmodo to their blog rolls.

whats the point of all this? no point really. other than showing the blogosphere that all blogs matter, even one like this one who doesnt even rank in the technorati top 1000.

and of course the ideal that the blogosphere is supposed to be where you go to avoid all the noise and blah blah blah of mainstream media with its lies and propaganda and hot air. i mean, doesnt it sorta gross you out that the only top ten righty blog is run by a fox news personality slash pajamas media kool aid drinker who is the blogospheres version of ann coulter?

fine, it doesnt bother me that much either, however, id rather Crooks & Liars be in the top ten, and id rather you help get them up there. and all you have to do is link to them on your blog just like you link to me.

i get close to 2,000 hits a day. im guessing about half of those are unique and half of those arent random google searches and half of those are from personal blogs. so that means in a week busblog readers alone could change the Technorati 100.

so lets change it.

and if you want, when you add Crooks & Liars to your blog roll, say so in the comments on this post so we can go to your blog and check it out.

reaaaaadddddyyyyy go!

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