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   Saturday, March 04, 2006  
people still think im their monkey. still!

the post a few days ago about the lack of biblical foundation for lent, and therefore its bullshittiness lead to a few fucked up comments. here are two:
an incredibly close minded post tony.

it reads like you were going for the same type of reaction you got from "the pope died" post (which was a really good post by the way). trolling for new readers before sxsw? - hubs
and then of course my favorite
Thanks for ruining this site for me. Bible thumpers are just as wacky as catholics. Blindly following a book makes a lot of sense. Especially when that book was written centuries ago. Do you really believe the bible is the word of God?? Don't you think the bible was written by people to influence and control other people? Why is the bible so pure to you? Its just a written version of the catholic church. Much like the church, the bible is a set of norms imposed on others. Take it easy. Nobody listens to the Pope and nobody believes in the Bible. Christianity is a philosophy. - herb nickles
who do either of you think you are? and who do you think youre talking to?

i dont write the busblog to get reactions. or to get new fans to kiss my ass at sxsw. i have plenty of readers, i will always have plenty of readers, and i will always have just enough fans who will buy me beers and say nice things about me in any gathering among fellow bloggers.

peoples reactions mean nothing to me unless theyre the reactions of young women who want to please me in every way because of what ive written on the busblog as a whole. no one post is going to convince a girl to blow me. im good but not that good. and not one post, herb, is going to ruin this mighty creation, fucking drama queen.

and again i ask you, who do you think i am?

i am a born again Christian man, an ordained minister who has never hesitated to question and ridicule those who have strayed away from the teachings in the Bible while calling themselves Christians.

four years ago for pete sake i wrote a photo essay called happy easter where on the second page i call most so called Christians dirty heathens.

my latest book Stiff pulled no punches in criticizing Catholics even in the very first chapter, and many of those stories were in How To Blog, which were originally posts in this blog. im sorry if you havent read those books or those posts or others like them, but quite frankly thats not my fucking problem. ignorance of the busblog is no excuse.

and if actually reading the Bible and then talking about it "ruins" a blog then do you suggest that i do what you and others do which is talk about shit they dont know about and judge books they havent read?

for example, only some blowhard whos never read the bible would call Christianity a philosophy. here was Jesus's philosophy "im God, nobody gets to Heaven unless i say so."

its thats "philosophy" that got him nailed to the cross.

am i a "bible thumper"? i dont think so. probably because ive never been called one until this week. to me a bible thumper is someone who tries to convince others that their religion is the only true one and if they dont jump on board theyre doomed. to me a bible thumper is someone who believes that its their personal mission to convert people over to Christianity.

never once have i tried to convince anyone to be a Christian. i sat with the Bible three times before it ever made any sense to me. no one could convince me to love it or get it or rock with it, the same way no one has ever convinced me that Beatles were anything more than the first backstreet boys.

to me, spirituality is something that comes to you when youre ready for it and when it happens its magical and powerful and is something thats personal and unique to you and whatever it is that you believe in.

i believe that 666 means that .666 or 66% of the planet arent going to be Christians, and according to the recent stats, 1/3 of the world considers themselves Christians, so we're good. time for the next episode. everyone coming aboard is already on board. i also believe that the bible is chock full of people turning their back on God and Jesus, from Adam & Eve to David to Peter. so if God can't get people to believe in Him, dumbass sure as shit isnt gonna convince anyone, so i dont even try.

so no i dont consider myself a bible thumper but if people are going to do things in the name of Christianity or in the name of the bible and theyre totally off base or doing things that arent in the bible im gonna let em know, busblog style, which isnt always pretty. you want milquetoast, turn on bob costas.

Do I really believe the bible is the word of God?? yes.

Do I think the bible was written by people to influence and control other people? no. i think the bible was written by people, inspired by God, to influence and guide those who wish to use it. thanks to Free Will people cannot be "controlled". God created Eve right in front of Adam and even He couldnt control Adam into not eating the apple and listening to his wife. as good as the bible is, no book is powerful enough than experience, so if man is going to disobey God in the flesh, he's definately going to disobey God's word.

Why is the bible so pure to me? because i've read lots of books, ive been taught by lots of people how to write, and the bible is the epitome of great storytelling, great examples of human nature, and perfect tales of trust and defiance. theres not a book like it anywhere that says "this is the story of God and how He gets frustrated by man and how man gets frustrated with God. welcome to the greatest fucked-up relationship of all where pretty much nobody truly believes in their savior."

Do I think it's just a written version of the catholic church? Uh, no. the bible was written far before the catholics bastardized it. only someone ignorant to both the catholic church and the bible would ask something like that.

Do I think that much like the church, the bible is a set of norms imposed on others? No. most of the bible is not about rules or norms or guidelines. infact at the end of Jesus's time on Earth he pretty much throws his hands at mankind and our disobediance and says, "you know what, you people are crazy. youre going to break every rule there is. so im gonna do you a favor. im going to pay for all the sins youve committed and all the ones you are about to commit. because i love you. because youre knuckleheads. so do me a favor, forget the rules, just love each other the way ive loved you."

which is a suggestion we dont follow either.

Do i believe that nobody listens to the Pope and nobody believes in the Bible? i believe that the catholics have millions of followers, many of whom care very much what the pope says. i believe he has the capability to be a huge spiritual leader when he chooses to be, an incredible influencer in daily life in regards to birth control and acceptance of gays and lesbians, and i also think he wields huge political clout. i wish it wasnt that way, but im afraid it is.

as for nobody believing in the bible. i know i believe in it. i know its the most popular book of all time. i know that when the shit goes down people all of a sudden get religion, i also know that one in every three people on this planet identify with at least some of it. so again, youre full of shit. knock it off.

now one more final word about trying to get more readers before sxsw. sxsw isnt some political convention. you dont round up delegates before going to austin. and if it were, and you did, do you really think the way to gain popularity includes dissing the largest group of Christians in america as theyre giving up smoking and chocolate?

dont you think there are better ways to appease the masses? isnt the President at his lowest approval rate of all time? wouldnt someone who wanted comments full of "omg tony youre so fucking awesome" use his God given abilities to kick one of the most hated presidents ever when hes down? especially after he was caught lying to the press about not knowing that the levees could be breached?

dont you think if i wanted to get public support, or tons of links, i would write about something thats hot on the web this week, like that singapore blogger whose sex tape got leaked? i work for buzznet, dont you think i could have just uploaded that vid, put the link on my blog and commented about it?

dont you think if i wanted to get blogger support or reader support i would take shots at unlovable writers or other bloggers like drudge or ann coulter or our pallies over at pajamas media? surely theyve done or said something stupid or disingenius or worthy of ridicule.

but thats not how the busblog rolls. this isnt a how-to sell out. this isnt a how-to get hits and cause controversy. this is a how to write from your heart about things that matter to you as they matter to you. which is why i wrote about a black baseball player this week whose 94 years old. its why i wrote about don knotts on monday. its why i wrote about not fucking a girl on thursday. its why i dont spell check or grammar check.

we all know sex sells; so therefore buck o'neil, don knotts, and not fucking hot chicks doesnt sell. so therefore youre full of shit if you think the busblog this week has been any different than the busblog over the last four and a half years.

if i wanted hits, trust me, i know how to get hits. and if i wanted people to love me, i sure as shit wouldnt talk about baseball or race or the pope or tsar or buzznet or isla vista or oj or unknown bloggers or catholics the way i do. i would take the super easy way out and take aim at the GOP, technorati top 100 righty bloggers, and tell the truth about my sex life. it would be like shooting fish in a barrell. it would be easy, i would be rich, but you wouldnt have the busblog to be wrong about.

i like the busblog. and i like the people who like the busblog. and i trust those people because what theyre liking is me and not some made up contrived bait to like me.

i never think about the audience when i write and i never will because thats a slippery slope down to nowheresville. and thats not a stop on my route.

if you want fakers go back to the professor, the pajamas, or most of whats "popular" on technorati. im very comfortable here under the radar with the likes of raymi, xtx, anti, and my man matt welch.

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