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   Thursday, March 30, 2006  
this hasnt been a great week. it started off being hungover. but then it turned out it wasnt a hangover, it was my illness getting a second wind.

the only thing that gave me joy in my dark little world were the nudes from the ladies of the interweb, and my sweet ipod which played me the comedy stylings of howard stern and the musical tones of dozens of bands that will be playing coachella in exactly thirty days.

two days ago my ipod was giving me the frowny face. it would play it just wouldnt upload new tunes. that gave me the frowny face. so even though i didnt want to leave my warm bed or my cozy apartment to go to the dreaded Grove, i did this afternoon because they have a Mac Store there.

i waited and coughed and sneezed at the Genius Bar and the dude told me the bad news, my ipod was fuct. i could get it fixed, he said, or i could just get a new one. how much to fix it, i asked? as much as a new one he said. his tshirt said genius so i believed him.

i have no money for a new ipod. im about to fly back to austin for a wedding - that costs money... i need new tires for the hooptie, and then theres the electric bill, etc.

so heres what im thinking. two years ago you the reader chipped in to get me my ipod. it took about four days but about 30 people chipped in between $10-$30 and i got it engraved and everyone was happy. in fact i think the word Beautiful was the most appropriate.

last year i dont think i asked for anything from you. yes i sold Stiff but that had to be done. and you got a book out of the deal.

so heres what we will do. i would love 20 people to flow $20. two years ago i put people's names on the left hand side in a prominent place. this year i will do that Plus i will mail you something from my home.

i have a few copies of How To Blog sitting around. that could be something you could ask for. i just had to replace my old keyboard, if someone was interested in that peice of history i could mail that off. ive got tons of baseball and basketball cards. i could make you a cd. ive got some jeans i dont wear. PS2 games. i could make a nice mix cd oh i said that. see, im delirious.

so heres what you should do. PayPal me and in the Note area tell me what you'd like and i'll see what i can do to satisfy you.

and if you dont want to flow, it doesnt mean that you dont love me and i wont take it personally. i'll love you either way. ok back to my sickbed.

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