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   Tuesday, April 11, 2006  
after writing day after day about coachella bands in typical fashion, it was fun today to switch it up a bit and f with the program.

the victim? one Franz Ferdinand.

however instead of writing about the band i wrote about the man. the archduke. the king of pain. the undersecretary of heredity. the martr who startred the war to end all wars.

even though i went to college for seven years i didnt find myself in many history classes because the girls in those rooms could see right through me. dont get me wrong, i have nothing against smart girls, but its hard enough to get a girl to let me up her skirt, i didnt need her to be serious when she said she had to study.

so i stayed in english classes with depressed girls who yearned for a knight to come riding through the forest on a pale horse. i of course had no horse but these young women could be wooed through pen and paper and i sure as shit had reams of those.

unfortunately i missed up on a lot of edjumacation, particularily about world wars and geography and politics and diplomacy and royalty so i had never heard of the real Franz nor did i care.

until today.

see at Buzznet when my job isnt to fly to foreign lands and throw parties, and when its not to find creative ways to get hoards of people over to our little picture show, ive been tapped to write about as many coachella bands as i can before april 28. the problem is what do you say about someone like franz ferdinand other than theyre from scotland and girls like to dance to them?

turned out there was a LOT to say about the real man, the tragic soul and his baroness but not royal-enough wife, there was a lot to learn about the history of the austrian/hungarian region, as well as the young anarchists determined to take down double F. but the most interesting part is what happened to those who tried to assasinate old Franz and the fella who was successful.

click here to read my version of history, which probably got some of the facts wrong, but like i said, when i should have been learning this shit i was splitting infinitives and trying to pretend like i meant to do it.

in other news the cubs got spanked today, i chatted with the beautiful ettiene, i noticed that the pants got naked on buzznet, leah got a new hairdo and i hope the color lasts two weeks when she will be my date for dan and sara's wedding.

and lastly, today i was told that i have shot up from the mid 1,500s on Technorati to #312(!), which supposedly means there are only 311 blogs more popular than the one youre looking at. out of 33.9 million blogs i find that hard to believe, but i'll take it. how far away is the busblog from reaching the Technorati Top 100? a thousand links from blogs that currently dont link here. thats a lot.

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