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   Monday, April 03, 2006  
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when i was a kid i'd always fight with my mom to let me have Opening Day off from school. and sometimes she would tell me i was crazy but later she realized that i was crazy and let me stay at home.

opening day for a Cub fan is one of the few days where our hopes and idealism and dreams were strong. you start fresh, the uniforms are bright and clean, the ivy is brown and there might even still be snow on the ground but there was spring and life and growth just around the corner.

so here i am now a grown man and i would have loved to ask my boss to let me work from home but since ive been sick the last few weeks ive sorta run out of days where i can do that, but the desires and hopes and dreams of that little kid are still inside me, and here i am looking at the clock seeing that its 1153am Pacific knowing that something is happening at Wrigley Field for the first time and even though i know i could just log on to ESPN and find out, its far better to just imagine that Derrick Lee has bashed a few into the bleachers already, and that Aramis Ramirez has lined a few doubles off the bricks in left.

Cubs fans are cursed with a love that will never be returned, and its ok. we learn to appreciate the smaller things, like the taste of a cold beer and a good conversation while applying long lines of mustard to our vienna all beef hotdogs.

i hear the bleachers cost $25 now and the Tribune Corp sold the rights to name the bleachers to Bud Light. which is fine with me because after i bang marilyn monroe and Venus and cleopatra when im in Heaven, i will ask to go to the special place in Hell where those Tribune execs who brokered that deal are tied up and i will poke their eyes out with spears and chop up their naughty bits.

i dont have any children but when i do i will take them to the bleachers and because i have been bitten by the curse i will fork over the $50 a ticket or however much it costs in the future and i will tell them about Babe Ruth pointing to center field at Wrigley, and i will tell them about Bill Veeck and how he planted the ivy out there as a young man and as an old man sat in the bleachrs with his shirt off and his one leg, and i will tell them about Harry Caray and how he took a chest of beer out there once a year when he broadcasted from the best place in the world - the bleachers of wrigley field.

and they will probably not understand, and if they dont, good. curses shouldnt be passed along from generation to generation. but if they do get it then they wont have to fight with anyone if they want to take opening day off and watch it on tv instead of going to school.

at least not from this cub fan.

unless of course they end up yankee fans.

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