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   Saturday, May 13, 2006  
its 344am im in palmsprings. theres a gorgeous young tanned girl in my kingsized bed. im tured im drunk. im super tired. i just hurled my dinner. she dint care. i have had both amazing good luck and bad luck while she was here and it seems like she didnt care either way. i dont understand it. seu jorge is playing.

on friday night we met up with all the canadian and alabama and california bloggers who were at the formosa. it was super nice. im sick. i couldnt be as bubly as i wanted to. ive been sick for two months now. wtf. i hadnt been sick in years now its making up for lost time. im blowing my gnose constantly. im puking all the time. im probably pregnant. i had to check that the girl didnt have a penis again this morning.

we drove to palm springs in record time. they had rented out a whole motel complex. a sweet one story building with individuall little suites all surrounding a pool and a hot tub. Silly pplayed. theyre coulter, welch, mcilvane, os, brendan and solomon. they were incredible. all covers. feel like making love, love removal machine, white wedding, etc etc etc. american girl. even though i was illin i stood the whole time in amazement. my friends are the best.

when they were done one of heathers friends make a fake true hollywood story film about them. it was amazingly good.

the wedding ceremony was great too. bill, heathers husband, has a 8-9 yr old son. he plays keyboards really well. he played here comes the bride and then started playing the imperial death march as heather walked down the aisle. the whole wedding was funny like that. heather cried during her vows. it was cute.

after the movie i djed for a few hours while everyone twisted by the pool and the dancefloor. then i loaded up a mellow mix and soaked in the hottub for a good hour. now this hot babe is laying next to me and you cant really spoon a girl after youve hurled. even if youre a blogger. i brushed my teeth a bunch and now im sucking on a cough drop. when you see a guy with a hot girl it doesnt mean theyre doing what you think theyre doing. we talk about so many things. she would totally be my friend if she lived here. she lies and says she likes me back but people from the midwest are very sweet.

in the minifridge there were some slices of cpk that the last people in here noshed on last night, i had a few bites of a bbq chicken slice. and took a few sips of a 7up. i know what its like to be a teenage girl now. its not hot. and this blog is down so this will be the first time i ever post to my blog and have no idea what it looks like. maybe this is how it is for stevie wonder. it was over 100 degrees here today.

jeff whalen showed up in a fake moustache and wore it all night.

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