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   Sunday, June 04, 2006  
all i know is its almost 11pm and the chick has finally left and im just keeping my fingers crossed that my tivo gave me a nice rendition of tonights sopranos.

today i drove to get her some chinese and the sign at the bank said 96 degrees. i almost took a picture for you but then i was all, theyre gonna have to take my word on some of this shit.

it was a dry 96.

i hate the air conditioner. the air conditioner tells you that youve fucked up somewhere and you cant enjoy the summer heat while listening to classic rock.

kroq used to be my summer jamz but theyve blown it. im back to the good tunes.

the ones that meant something.

not all chinatown expresses are equal. they all have dishes of chinese food under heatlamps. but some of them are so busy that they have to keep getting fresh food made.

so the one ive been going to lately is on the corner of sunset and highland. right across from hollywood high, which is the reason why its so busy there. where else are you going to get food and a drink for $5? and good food too. and if you get the broccoli beef and carrots youre eating two vegetables right there, so bam youre eating healthy all of a sudden. karisa.

the cubs lost but i just made an incredible trade in one of my fantasy leagues. dude im trading vernon wells and brad lidge and tim wakefield for alphonso sorriano and prior.

ok the sopranos was great. especially the use of the stones classic "moonlight mile", the last track of the masterpiece Sticky Fingers.

because im a freak when i think of moonlight mile i think of mick taylor.

everyone remembers the blond mop topped brian jones and everyone recognizes the walking skeletor ron wood. but inbetween those two was mick taylor, who many say was the best guitarist the stones ever had

and i would agree.

legend has it that when mick jagger saw that brian jones was dipping into drugs and drink too much the singer went to blues great john mayall to ask him what guitarist out there he thought the stones should replace jones with.

mayall knew guitarists and suggested taylor. not soon after that sitdown jones was found mysteriously dead in his pool and taylor was in.

heres what mick taylor was part of

Sticky Fingers (1971)
Exile on Main Street (1972)
Goats Head Soup (1973)
It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (1974)

and he was on the classic track "Waiting on a Friend" which was later released on Tattoo You.

apparently keefe felt intimidated that taylor could do things like infuse the blues that we hear in Moonlight Mile that breaks away from that basic rock formula that even the stones could find themselves in sometimes.

the amount of pure blues in those four records is just beautiful, "100 years ago", "can't you hear me knockin'", "casino boogie"...

when taylor split the group he hid out for a while and resurfaced with bob dylan to play guitar on two of my favorite albums of his, Infidels (1983) and Empire Burlesque (1985).

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