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   Tuesday, June 06, 2006  
last night a very pretty girl came over to my house. i cant explain it either.

it was really late and i didnt want to blow it so when i leaned over to turn on the music the pogues playlist clicked in and i was all well its not prince but i dont think this babe will mind.

and sure enough the same girl who last week swore she couldnt care less about music suddenly was all, what is this gaelick hour? and then went back to pretending she wanted to go home.

some chicks in hollywood are terrible actresses.

i bought a playstation game the day after i was fired. i figured id drink a lot and master a game. i chose Major League Baseball 2K6. i could find any others. this one had the mlb insignia on it and derek jeter on the cover. seemed legit.

worst game ive ever gotten.

right now shes laying on the couch chuckling to last comic standing. im chuckling too. i like the really fat black lady who screams, and the hippie with cerebal paulsy.

ive always liked last comic standing except for the host, old whatshisname, the dick

but they have a new guy now so the show is perfect.

i had a chance to housesit in new york for a month so i called this girl up who lived nearby if she would be my one-month summer girlfriend. she said it sounded like an escort and i didnt have a good comeback. why is it that im never prepared for people to say no to me, even though they say it way more than id prefer.

ill tell you this, if that chick was gonna housesit in la for a month id totally be her one month summer boyfriend, id be that girls one hour boyfriend. no jokes fellas.

someone asked me last month about Howard Stern. the question was do i listen to more or less howard now that hes on satelite.

the answer is because of the constant replays on Howard 100 i listen to about 2-3 hours of the 5 hour show. and i missed him a lot last week.

i listen to about 4 minutes of bubba the lovesponge, and about an hour of ferral a week, which is so wrong since i love ferral. i have one sirius unit in the car and i will get one in the house very soon.

speaking of major leage baseball, today was 6/6/6 day and those jokesters at the mlb scheduled the Anaheim Angels to play the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. the angels versus the devils.

angels won.

and now at this point i need to attend to my guest. i leave you with a video of prince live in japan.

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